• First of all, we couldn't be more STOKED to share Three Gingers Jerky with you and the world. As a dad to three redheads — aka “The Three Gingers”, get it? (and husband to the fourth technically) — a former chef, and someone who truly loves nothing more than making faces smile and leaving bellies full, bringing TGJ to folks all over the country is a dream come true. Our jerky has been years in the making.

    At our core, Three Gingers Jerky is authentically inspired by a regionally specific Southeast Asian style beef jerky. We offer our O.G. TGJ (mild) and our SPICY TGJ. That's it. No crazy flavor combos to overwhelm your palate or complicate things... Just those two profiles. Why? Because they're AWESOME and truly unique so, why deviate?

    We use only the best quality beef
    available (top 10% of Choice and Prime only), top-quality ingredients, no additives preservatives or smoked
    (EVER!), and personally handmake each batch weekly to deliver the freshest and
    most unique beef jerky experience we possibly can.

    So with that, here we are, here you are, and here it is! Get ready to experience a beef jerky like none other — We love it and know you will too.

    Make friends. Share Jerky. And thanks for dropping by!