Our Story

First, we are so stoked to share Three Gingers Jerky with you and the world. As a dad to three redheads — aka “The Three Gingers”, get it? — a former chef, and someone who truly loves nothing more than making faces smile and leaving bellies full, bringing TGJ to people all over the country is absolutely a dream, period. Our jerky has been years in the making. And to be honest, it was born because after tasting something similar, I needed this in my life and knew LOTS of other people who would feel that way too.

It’s important to us that you know Three Gingers Jerky is respectfully inspired by a regionally specific Southeast Asian style of jerky created by one of the most amazing Thai-Lao cooks I’ve ever known. She’s a culinary hero of mine, and to see her smile and "bless" our adaptation the first time she tasted it… what a moment that was. A car crash of pride, humility, excitement, relief, and happiness. It was kind of heavy, and it was also awesome.

So with that, here we are, here you are, and here it is! Get ready to experience a take on jerky that I bet you've never had before — a balance of sweet, salty and umami with a texture that's dried, moist, and tender all at the same time. We love it and think you will too.

Make friends. Share Jerky. And thanks for dropping by!