reviews from our customers

Three Gingers Jerky is absolutely delicious, with a unique taste and wonderful texture that can't be found in commercially, mass-produced beef jerky. Three Gingers has spoiled me on beef jerky. Nothing Compares


Capitola, CA

OMG! This jerky was so delicious. My tastebuds are screaming at me to place my next order!!


Beverly, MA

Protein-rich, clean ingredients and umami galore. The perfect snack!


Windsor, VT

This is like no jerky I’ve ever experienced. Flavorful, rich, moist, DELICIOUS!


Weston, CT

Perfect jerky...the way you always wanted it to be! My teenage son looked at me and said, "Dad, I would eat this every day.


Westborough, MA

Noah makes great jerky, and I'm a guy that likes good beef jerky. Three Gingers Jerky is some of the best jerky I've ever eaten. Why? Because it's tender. I like a juicy jerky and this is juicy jerky, holy crap, your eyes widen, the flavors awaken your mouth and then you look down and realize you just ate the whole bag. It's that good.


Santa Cruz, CA

Three Gingers Jerky is hands down the best jerky I've ever had. We snack on it or we add it to a charcuterie board. People who try it always have the same, shocked reaction... "how could this be so good". THRILLED to have discovered this incredible treat.


Marblehead, MA

Three Gingers Jerky is EPIC. This tender, bursting with flavor snack will send you on a sensory journey that will not be forgotten..get ready for the are going to want this jerky, all day, every day!


Boxford, MA

From the description alone, I knew this jerky was going to be something special, but I had no idea it was going to be THIS special! The tender, pull-apart texture and the slightly sweet, savory, umami quality was an all out tour de force for my taste buds! Just writing this is making me crave more!


Los Gatos, CA

The jerky is delicious and is reminiscent of the tastes of Asia (without the long plane flight). I more than enjoyed the jerky. So good!


Denver, CO

Three Gingers Jerky is an absolute sensation!


Los Angeles, CA

Three Gingers Jerky is unlike any jerky I've ever had. So tender and delicious, my two boys and I wiped out two bags on our first try. We are not big meat eaters and never buy beef jerky, but that is going to change when it comes to Three Gingers.


Santa Cruz Mountains, CA

Best jerky ever! Perfect balance of flavor and a snack (or meal) our whole family enjoys. Can't wait to place my next order.


Beverly, MA

Something that I've never eaten before. Not like a beef jerky but like a tender piece of beef. Very very good


Saugus, MA

I can NOT put down this beef jerky. The packaging is awesome and keeps it so fresh. The addiction I have to Three Gingers Jerky scares me. SO GOOD! It's the perfect snack anytime anywhere!


Weston, CT

When I asked my 12-year old daughter what she wanted for her birthday dinner, she replied nonchalantly..."Noah's beef jerky...

Amber, Reading, MA

Forget all your opinions and memories of beef jerky. Seriously... forget them. It was all just a test run for Three Gingers Jerky. My first bite forced me to pull over to the side of the road or I'd crash my car. I'm convinced Noah Quist, Founder, conspired with the gods when he brought his beef jerky to the world. The flavor is ludicrously good and the textures are addictive. Eating Three Gingers Jerky awakens ancient primal desires you never knew existed. Do not deny yourself this jerky of the gods any longer. Your mind, body and soul will thank you


Salem, MA

Three Gingers Jerky is different: the texture, flavor, quality of meat, everything. While it’s great on the go, this is the kind of jerky you can share at a dinner party right alongside your cheeseboard.


Brooklyn, NY

I never liked beef jerky before I had Three Gingers Jerky! It’s so flavorful and actually addicting! It’s the perfect snack on the go and the perfect thing for hunger cravings! Thanks Noah for creating such a fabulous product!


Topsfield, MA

This jerky is the best that I have had and it is made local. The flavor is phenomenal and the texture is spot on. For you jerky lovers out there it is a must try! I don't give 5 star reviews to anyone or anything but this product certainly deserves it.


Beverly, MA

The jerky was AMAZING, so delicious! I'm not a huge jerky fan but tried it because my husband said how good it was. I cannot wait to order more!


Beverly, MA

3 Gingers Jerky is amazing stuff, tender not chewy, fresh asian flavor, it's highly addictive!


Beverly, MA

Dangerously delicious. High quality jerky that makes your mouth water just thinking about it. If you hide the bag and set the table, you can make your loved ones think you slaved over dinner when you serve this amazing jerky. And honestly, I couldn't believe how the quality of this jerky seems like I'm eating a main course at a restaurant, not a snack from a bag. We had to hide the last bag to avoid eating it all in the first sitting.


Beverly, MA

I’m not usually a beef jerky fan but… You really have to try this most amazing beef jerky. Hand crafted with care Three Gingers Jerky is by far the tastiest, most tender jerky I’ve ever tried. The flavor profile will blow you away, so perfectly balanced. You’ve never experienced jerky like this before. I dare you to try it. You won’t be disappointed.


Salisbury, MA

Three Gingers jerky is a delicious treat. Tender, just the right chewiness, and whose sweet/salty balance makes you always want one more bite. To quote one of Boston's favorite songs, "So good! So good!


Beverly, MA

I have never been a big fan of jerky...but Three Gingers Jerky is a whole new experience. It's just the right mix of melt in your mouth and chewy (not even sure how that is possible?!), and so full of amazing flavor. Beyond the deliciousness, it's also a quick and tasty way to infuse protein into the day!


Reading, MA

Best jerky I've had in 39 years, and I lived in Texas for 3 of those years. The jerky there was great but not this good!!! Keep it coming!!! I eat jerky at least 3 times a week and so glad to see you're local as well!!!


Charlestown, MA