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Three Gingers Kitchen



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Three Gingers Jerky - SPICY! Imagine all the addictiveness and deliciousness our "flagship" OG, but now we're taking you further. We’ve adding another dynamic into the mix that's already so loved. Now, we're tossing in some of the finest quality Thai bird's eye chili flake. So, what do you get?!?! Zero heat at the start giving way to the most delightfully slow, creepy, and sneaky burn that surprises. It's not meant to be uncomfortable but definitely noticeable (for most it's a 6 or 7 out of 10 on the heat scale). Three Gingers Jerky - SPICY is insanely delicious and we have no doubt that you'll agree. Go ahead, try it! I dare ya! Say hello to your newest food obsession...
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Customer Reviews

Based on 28 reviews
Best jerky around

There’s really nothing else out there like Three Gingers Jerky. I randomly came across these guys at a food truck event in Worcester and this has been my go to jerky ever since.

Highly recommend you try it!

Ron Pro
Never before have I had beef jerky this tender

Yes, this beef jerky is so tender and tasty! 5 stars for sure! I bought a bag of regular and a bag of spicy just to taste them and I will be buying more!! Thank you, "Three Gingers Jerky", for an absolutely delicious beef jerky! Highly recommend...

A lucky find!

I found three gingers when I was in Salem, MA , so happy I brought some home - as someone who likes jerky, three gingers knocks outany store brand . Three gingers is absolutely delicious. So happy I came across your booth when visiting!

Charles Hayes
Best Jerky I have Ever Had

This truly is the best jerky I have ever had. The spice level of the spicy version is just perfect! It comes in larger pieces than one would expect, but that is not a problem since it is the perfect level of tenderness to be able to rip apart easily. Do yourself a favor and try it for yourself.

Richard Darrach

This stuff is amazing. Tender, delicious and well priced! My wife does not like jerky but loved this stuff. We tried a sample at a gluten-free expo several years back and just talked about it a few days ago. Had to buy 3 more bags and it was just as excellent as we remember!

To the lady that left a 2 star review, the spicy jerky was to… spicy? Wish I could give that review a one star lol